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[mkgmap-dev] Excluding countries from map build or reduce details for some countries.

From Joao Almeida joaoha at gmail.com on Mon Aug 31 00:37:38 BST 2020


I have an how to question. Hope someone can help.

I use poly files to extract areas from the pbf files. but obviously unless
you very meticulously outline the countries borders one will always have
some of the neighboring country in a map.

I would like to be able to have a general style for my map build but have a
rule in the style that would remove most of the detail from the map.
The general idea would be that one would have only the major highways, none
or very few polygons and only the major cities for the country added to the
map, in essence a bit like the global garmin basecamp which is very
small but still gives us an overview of the whole planet.

I tried a deleteall tags rule , but it still added the items but just
didn't add the tags.

something like (rough example) I know the code is not accurate but
hopefully gives you an idea:

mkgmap:country=PRT {deletealltags}
mkgmap:country=ESP amenity=restaurant (0x000 resolution xx)

For country portugal no points would be compiled into the map, for country
Spain all items in the style would be compiled into the map.

Thanks a lot.
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