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[mkgmap-dev] DEM file options do not work

From Joris Bo jorisbo at hotmail.com on Wed Aug 26 14:53:48 BST 2020

Hello Bernard,

1) You could start with redirecting error/info output to some logging files and then obviously misspell the HGT folder name. You should get error messages for missing hgt files.

Add the following to your command line
1>>"C:\build.log" 2>"C:\mkgmapdebug.log"

2) To enable DEM you must add the option

3) I had strange troubles with HGT files if they where zipped files within zipped files. So for testing best unzip them and if it works you can experiment with the much smaller zipped archives

4)  My settings are
dem=C:\Garmin\Sources\Dem\Hgt - world.zip

A full windows build.cmd example, options-files and log results in the zip
You use -Xmx2000M where I suppose your computer has more memory available then 2Gb.
But that is up to you of course and I think not related to fail on DEM.

Kind Regards,

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Onderwerp: [mkgmap-dev] DEM file options do not work

Dear All,

I am trying to generate a Garmin map containing not only the OSM data and contour lines but also some DEM data to display a hill shading in BaseCamp and on the Garmin device. The general map creation works fine (osm data + contour lines) using the process described on my website (www.maiwolf.de/gps).
But so far I fail to use the previously described --dem options. I am using the latest mkgmap release and the following command line:

java -Xmx2000M -jar D:[path to mkgmap]mkgmap.jar --dem=C:\hgt --dem-interpolation=auto --dem-dists=3312,3312,3312,13248,26512

Some example .hgt files are found in the "C:\hgt" folder. Yet nothing happens. No error and no output.
So I am wondering if my command line is wrong and if the latest mkgmap version is still having the capability to generate dem data files.

I would appreaciate if somebody could describe a successful process in more detail.

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