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[mkgmap-dev] A contribution to the vocabulary based on the mkgmap default style and typ files.

From Randolph J. Herber army.bronze.star at gmail.com on Sat Aug 8 21:42:36 BST 2020

Hi, all!

First, note the attached file is in JSON format and is inherently UTF-8.

Second, the file contains four sub-tables: point, line, polygon, and 
language. The first three should be obvious. The language sub-table 
contains the languages presented. I used the extant codes for the extant 
languages mentioned in the mkgmap web documentation. I arbitrarily 
assigned codes for the other languages. Altogether, one hundred three 
languages are presented. I used Google Translate and am paying for 
Google's services here. Therefore, this is work-for-hire and I may give 
them away. Yes, I readily admit some of translations are awkward or even 
incorrect. There, I request consideration: I intend no offense and 
corrections are welcome. I tended not to change Eurocentric terms to 
American terms although in some cases I added the equivalent American 
term. I expanded some of the phrases in hopes of improving the machine 

Third, I feel that all urban areas should be treated equivalently and I 
note Ticker Berkin's previous comments on that topic, the translations 
reflect my preferences. I did incorporate Ticker's most significant 
objection which I did find valid. Also, I feel that an logarithmic scale 
is appropriate in this application and that 3.2*3.2 is 10.24, which is 
about 10. This allows a good range of population values.

Fourth, I am working on incorporating this material into the default 
style and typ files, in particular the typ file.

Thank you,
Randolph J. Herber

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