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[mkgmap-dev] default style lines enhancements

From Greg Troxel gdt at lexort.com on Mon Jul 27 17:52:59 BST 2020

"Mike Baggaley" <mike at tvage.co.uk> writes:

> I create foot routable (but not vehicle routable) ways around car parks in
> my style (I don't use the default style). This allows pedestrian routing
> around the car park in cases like
> https://www.openstreetmap.org/directions?engine=graphhopper_foot&route=42.45
> 938%2C-71.35133%3B42.45856%2C-71.35058 which is a few yards away from the
> previous example. It is common for footpaths to start at the edge of a car
> park and in my opinion it is incorrect to add to OSM a non-existent footpath
> across a car park purely for the purposes of routing.

That's really something to bring up on tagging.  As I see it there are
two views:

  A) one should continue the footpath in a way that represents how a
  person could walk to connect it to the parking aisles (that they also
  can walk on).  While there isn't something that is visibibly a
  footpath, there is in fact a place you can continue to walk from the
  edge of the lot to the parking aisle/driveway.

  B) Really there is a surface and one can walk anywhere there isn't a
  car parked, and thus the footpath should only represent the footpath
  and be joined to the edge.  Thus the carpark is really a routable
  pedestrian area.  This should either be the default or it should be
  tagged this way.

Two comments:

  I think A is the majority view in OSM by a wide margin.

  In B, you have to somehow deal with a fence around the lot, and be
  careful not to create routable ways that can't be traversed.  In this
  case, there is a fence on the SW side (not shown in OSM probably) but
  I think not on the NW side.

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