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[mkgmap-dev] Garmin types

From ael witwall3 at disroot.org on Sun May 31 17:40:21 BST 2020

Perhaps this is not appropriate to post on the development list, but
I am a seeking help in building a style file.

Despite having looked at the style-manual and a great many other places
I could not find even a partial list of the Garmin types without which I
am somewhat at a loss.

I have been using mkgmap for some time with good results, except that
the default style seems to omit cycleways, and perhaps other features
that I have yet to notice.

I suspect that most people use the windows TYPViewer or TYPwiz so avoid
needing an explicit list, but since I am in a Microsoft-free zone, that
is not an option here. I did try to run both under Wine, but the initial
attempts failed.

So far the nearest I have found is the source code from imgsrc. I have
also just checked out the mkgmap source code, and had a quick skim 
hoping to find a list there. I was also hoping to see the in-built
styles somewhere which I guess that I have yet to find.

I do think that the style manual really needs to include at least a
partial list (presumably all reverse-engineered) or pointers to where
this can be found.

Can someone provide a link, or otherwise indicate where this is in the
mkgmap source to save me time. Apologies for disturbing proper
development work!


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