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[mkgmap-dev] "Small" SRTM1 files and DEM maps

From Carlos Dávila cdavilam at orangecorreo.es on Sat Apr 11 16:09:44 BST 2020

I use phyghtmap to build contour lines and also to download hgt data 
that I then use to build DEM maps with mkgmap. For a long time, SRTM1 
files (and also VFP1) have all been ~24.7 MB in size, but lately (I 
don't remember since when) SRTM1 are also served as 12.4 MB files. 
phyghtmap is able to generate contour lines from those small files, as 
they seem to contain the same information but with a different 
compression ratio, but mkgmap fails to read them, and report them as 
missing. Would it be possible to get support for such files in mkgmap?

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