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[mkgmap-dev] length() and mkgmap:line2poitype

From Gerd Petermann gpetermann_muenchen at hotmail.com on Sat Apr 6 17:22:35 BST 2019


the POIs are generated from the original lines before style processing. I could add java code to calculate the length of the way before the POIs are generated and add it as a special tag... Looking at the source I see that the length is already calculated,
so the only disadvantage would be the increase in memory usage.


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Betreff: [mkgmap-dev] length() and mkgmap:line2poitype

I'd like to add specific pois for restricted access on bridges and tunnels with mkgmap:line2poitype, but not all bridges are as important, only the longer ones.

This is working:
mkgmap:line2poitype=start & (bridge=* | tunnel=*) & (bicycle:conditional=* | access:conditional=* | vehicle:conditional=*)  { name 'bicycle=${bicycle:conditional}' | 'access=${access:conditional}'|  'vehicle=${vehicle:conditional}'} [0x2809 resolution 24]

However, it is not possible to add the length() operator into the points style file, because I don't want small short bridges.

I know I can use the lines style file, but adding a custom line tag like restricted_access_on_bridges=yes and use this in the points style does not seem to work. I know I can add this line to the map and render it, but I prefer a point symbol, not another line on a already huge pile of lines on top of each other.

Is this because points are processed before lines?
Is there another trick I can use?

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