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[mkgmap-dev] documentation improvement patch

From Mike Baggaley mike at tvage.co.uk on Fri Feb 22 07:58:17 GMT 2019

Hi Gerd, I think you are right. I must have stopped and left it at the point
where I needed the logging configuration details. Please find attached an
updated patch.

Note I am not quite clear of the symbols used to format the documentation
(or why we need to manually generate two almost identical copies instead of
deriving one from the other). Can you point me to web pages that describe
the two formats?


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Hi Mike,

sorry for the late response. I like most of the patch but the introdution
stops with
"The configuration contains lines in the form"

I guess that was the reason why you didn't post it in the past. Maybe just
like to the wiki page: https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Mkgmap/dev ?


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Hi Gerd, I have attached a patch to improve the documentation of the command
line. I did it some time ago and had forgotten about it, but the discussion
on whether to change default options prompted me to come back to it. The
change is purely to the documentation, no code changes.

Please review and if it meets with your approval, commit.


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