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[mkgmap-dev] default style improvements

From EthnicFood IsGreat ethnicfoodisgreat at gmail.com on Mon Jan 21 14:36:33 GMT 2019

> Date: Mon, 21 Jan 2019 07:09:30 +0000
> From: Ticker Berkin <rwb-mkgmap at jagit.co.uk>
> To: Development list for mkgmap <mkgmap-dev at lists.mkgmap.org.uk>
> Subject: Re: [mkgmap-dev] default style improvements
> Hi
> Here is a patch to change some TYPE element numbers in
> default/polygons:
> Changes are:
> 0x17, which shows as "Park" in green, is currently used for these OSM
> objects:
> park, playground, common, garden, greenfield, meadow, grass,
> village_green, square/plaza
> Keep this mapping for leisure=park, playground
> Use 0x15 for landuse=village_green
> Use 0x1c for landuse=meadow, grass, greenfield, farmland
> Use 0x1d for leisure=common
> Use 0x20 for leisure=garden
> Use 0x25 for square/plaza
> Use 0x26 instead of 0x10 for landuse=farmyard
> 0x26 was unused. 0x10 is used landuse=residential
> Use 0x26 instead of 0x4e for landuse=farm
> Use 0x12 instead of 0x08 for landuse=retail
> 0x12 was unused. 0x08 is "Shopping Center"
> Use 0x12 instead of 0x05 for highway=services
> ie consider it a retail area - it normally includes shops, parking,
> fuel, eating places etc and isn't just a "Parking Lot". Someone
> suggested this change a few months ago but I can't remember who.
> Use 0x22 instead of 0x1e for historic=...
> 0x22 was unused. 0x1e is "Park"
> add natural=tundra [0x52 resolution 18]
> This is a standard Garmin type
> add natural=beach | natural=sand [0x53 resolution 20]
> This is Garmin type, sometimes labeled "Flat" or Sandbank,tidal/mud
> flat and the change was suggested by Nick / Minko on 27-Sep-2018
> Use 0x0f instead of 0x0c for landuse=commercial
> 0x0f was unused. 0x0c is "Industrial Complex"
> Use 0x11 instead of 0x04 for military=danger_area
> This often covers a large area of other mixed use, and rendering it
> with partially transparent is much more informative
> Use 0x23 instead of 0x13 for amenity=...
> Use 0x24 instead of 0x13 for man_made=...
> 0x23 & 0x24 were unused. 0x13 is now just used for building
> Use 0x21 instead of 0x1f for tourism=...
> 0x21 was unused. 0x1f is "Park"
> Regards
> Ticker

Ticker, as a frequent user of Mkgmap, I want to commend you for all the 
thought you've put into trying to make the output better.


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