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[mkgmap-dev] Not-equal compare bug?

From Harri Suomalainen hsuomal at welho.com on Thu Jan 3 12:35:18 GMT 2019

Using mkgmap-r4260 I tried several variations to make a rule match when 
some tag does not exist:

Line:  ( highway!=* | oneway!=*) { deletealltags }
Error in style: Error: (lines:12): Invalid rule expression: $highway!=*| 

Similar error is given when comparing expression with this line: 
oneway!=* { deletealltags }

Tt seems != works fine but only if there is an equal comparision first 
like in this line that gives no error:
   highway=* & oneway !=* { deletealltags }

Do I missunderstand something or is this a bug?

I think I tried some other use case while back and I got similar errors 
when it started with != comparision first. This may not be a very new issue.

Chears, Harri

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