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[mkgmap-dev] MapFailedException

From ValentinAK valentin_k at inbox.ru on Sun Oct 28 21:19:23 GMT 2018

Today I received an error and I want to understand why this problem
My compilation makes two versions in different languages. And only when
compiling on one of them I get this:

/SEVERE (MapFailedException): ./splitterTiles-east/63060042.o5m: (thrown in
LBLFile.newLabel ()) Overflow of LBL section/

This happens with the --code-page:1250 option only. With --code-page:1251
compile completes without error. Maybe somewhere in the data there is an
error. But I can't find it. Or is it a bug in Mkgmap or in Splitter?

Here is a link to the problem file:
And a link to my style:

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