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[mkgmap-dev] First beta version mkgmap.typ

From Joris Bo jorisbo at hotmail.com on Sun Oct 21 12:21:24 BST 2018


I changed Gerds translations and changed icon for fastfood, see new TYP in attachment.
Changing the default-style for improvements is a different cup of  tea where I also don't know where the current choices made come from.

Without coming up with something completely different I propose (see attachment)  about a 15 changes in order to improve the rendering differences of the public transport objects , cycleways and buildings. 
I avoided addressing questions for aerialway, tunnels, bridges etc to keep the change small.

What would be a good way of approaching changes? 
Maybe best to discuss the changes in the <mkgmap-dev at lists.mkgmap.org.uk>  group?

Kind regards

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Van: Gerd Petermann <gpetermann_muenchen at hotmail.com> 
Verzonden: zaterdag 20 oktober 2018 10:08
Aan: lig fietser <ligfietser at hotmail.com>; Joris Bo <jorisbo at hotmail.com>; Andrzej Popowski <popej at poczta.onet.pl>
Onderwerp: AW: First beta version mkgmap.typ

Hi Joris,

(sorry for the previous crippled mail)

I started to fix some of the German translations, see attached modified version.

Some problems caused by the style:
shop=butcher [0x2e0c resolution 24]
This would give

Same type is used here:
shop=* & shop!=no & shop!=none [0x2e0c resolution 24] String2=0x02,Geschäft

2) Type 0x2f12
internet_access=yes { name 'Internet ${name}' | 'Internet' } [0x2f12 resolution 24 continue]
internet_access=* & internet_access!=no & internet_access!=yes { name 'Internet(${internet_access}) ${name|def:}' } [0x2f12 resolution 24 continue] amenity=emergency_phone [0x2f12 resolution 24 default_name 'Emergency Phone'] amenity=telephone [0x2f12 resolution 24 default_name 'Telephone'] is used with String1=0x01,Wifi String2=0x02,Wifi String3=0x04,Wifi String4=0x03,Wifi In Germany the first two might be called "Hotspot", the 3rd would be "Notruf", the last simply "Telefon"

3) 0x2f15
is used with
In Germany we separate waste (Müll) from other materials which might be recycled (Wertstoffe), e.g. for glas, paper, metal, clothing etc.
I would use this
for German, no idea about the other languages.

4) Type 0x2f17
Again maybe a problem in the default style:
amenity=taxi [0x2f17 resolution 24]
public_transport=platform | highway=bus_stop | railway=tram_stop [0x2f17 resolution 24] Two very different things, in German the 1st woud be "Taxi" and the 2nd "Haltestelle"

Probably a lot more cases to look at...


Von: Gerd Petermann <gpetermann_muenchen at hotmail.com>
Gesendet: Samstag, 20. Oktober 2018 09:26
An: lig fietser; Joris Bo; Andrzej Popowski
Betreff: AW: First beta version mkgmap.typ

Hi Joris,

I started to fix some of the German translations. Ia think 0x2

Von: lig fietser <ligfietser at hotmail.com>
Gesendet: Freitag, 19. Oktober 2018 18:32
An: Joris Bo; Gerd Petermann; Andrzej Popowski
Betreff: Re: First beta version mkgmap.typ

Thanks Joris, I just had a quick look and it looks quite good to me!
I see some issues but they are all caused by the default style.
For instance pedestrian areas are rendered as park (same type in the styles), cycleways are not rendered as blue dotted line because they have the same type as service roads, bridges and tunnels are lacking because they are not listed in the default style etc.

Groetjes, Minko

Van: Joris Bo <jorisbo at hotmail.com>
Verzonden: vrijdag 19 oktober 2018 07:14
Aan: Gerd Petermann; lig fietser; Andrzej Popowski
Onderwerp: First beta version mkgmap.typ


Attached a first beta version for a mkgmap.typ

Used default style that came with Build 4244

Look and feel derived from osm mapnik default layer

I'm native dutch, so these translations are reasonable ok

Alles ist auch übersetzt in Deutsch aber da brauche Ich hilfe

The Englisch lables are more or less osm tag-names

When translated in French it was from google translator

I Tested it against the Alps region

Before dropping it in the group I would like to have your comments

Please whatever is on your minds, let me know,

Next step would be finetuning and the license question Andrzej addressed

Kind regards


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