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[mkgmap-dev] Admin relations

From Gerd Petermann gpetermann_muenchen at hotmail.com on Thu Jul 12 06:19:40 BST 2018

Hi Henning,

I think you might hit a problem here because of the way how the LocationHook uses the data in the bounds file.
When used for a way with n nodes it first tries to get information for node n/2. If that fails it tries the first, then the last, finally all other nodes.
The lines in your screenshot all look straight, so the corresponding OSM ways might have only 2 nodes. In that case the only tested node
may be the one on the border between China and Mongolia. I assume that the actual mkgmap:admin_level2 value for those nodes are more or less
random or that the value is empty.

If the value for mkgmap:admin_level2 is empty mkgmap should probably try another node. This doesn't happen. 
I see no easy way to handle this when the value is set. 


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Hi Andrzej,
yes they are both in and in general it's working. Just on the borders I
get these issues. I guess it's because of precision, how mkgmap
calculates the area of China. The strange thing is, that the missing red
part on Chinese border (Inner Mongolia/Gansu) Is roughly from the center
of the last way to the end. For the blue marked ways it's shorter than
half of it's length. So can't be the reason, a way or so is missing or
is ignored completly. It's seems more, that there is kind of buffer, as
both has the same length missing. And the both blue ways seems to end at
same latitude. Sorry for forgetting the scale on the picture, but it's
about 50km length missing/too much.

If it's like this I wonder how mkgmap:country can work for address
search in more dense populated areas.

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