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[mkgmap-dev] gmtool and TDB

From Frank Stinner frank.stinner at leipzig.de on Tue Nov 28 15:07:35 GMT 2017

Hi all,

i have gmtool a little bit extended in the hope of simpler creation of 

The main point is, that we have to register a old TDB as input file BEFORE 
all other files. Then take gmtool all possible properties from the old 
file and remove or complete the old subfilelist. If we only have 
additional DEM's can we do:

gmtool -i old.tdb -i . --mapsource=new.tdb;noov;notyp;nomdx;nomdr;noinst 
--hasdem=1 -o .

This should be enough for a map with IMG's. If we have a gmap-style map, 
we need the subfiles in the subdirectorys and we can do:

gmtool -i old.tdb -i . --withsubdirs 
--mapsource=new.tdb;noov;notyp;nomdx;nomdr;noinst --hasdem=1 -o .

Hope it worked.

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