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[mkgmap-dev] BuildDEMFile problem

From Frank Stinner frank.stinner at leipzig.de on Thu Nov 23 14:48:44 GMT 2017

Hi Nick,

there are 2 little problems in your map mapdem.gmap.

I have rebuild your DEM file. Maybe, builddemfile had the N50E000.hgt.zip 
or N50E000.hgt not found and you have only "dummydata" in your file. 
"dummydata" means a valid DEM with "no data"-points.

builddemfile --hgtpath=yourpath --dem=87827699.dem --tre=87827699.tre 

create a DEM file with 23781 Byte. 

Like Andrzej wrote: you need also a new TDB. I have used a quick but very 
dirty method: I have only for TDB-build temporary created the Tile IMG's 
ov.img and 87827699.img.

gmtool -i mapdem\*.*   --join=tile -o ov.img
gmtool -i 87827699\*.* --join=tile -o 87827699.img
gmtool -i *.img 
--mapfamilyname=mapdem --mapseriesname=mapdem --description="Test preview 
map" --routable=1 --highestroutable=24 --maxbits4overview=18 --hasdem=1 
--hasprofile=1 --copyright=*I* -o . --overwrite
ren mapdem.tdb mapdem.tdb_
ren neu.tdb mapdem.tdb
del *.img

Of course, in your little demo we can not see a shading. But we can see 
the values for N, E and height in the basecamp status line.

By the way, be careful wit --usedummydata. It's only interest for 
sea-areas, where don't exist a HGT. But if a HGT for land is absent, we 
have a hole in our map without an error message!

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