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[mkgmap-dev] BuildDEMFile problem

From osm@pinns osm at pinns.co.uk on Thu Nov 23 13:44:40 GMT 2017

Hi Andrzej

Thanks for that.


I find that Transparency still allows for DEM to be visible on the other 
maps I create.

Interesting about the DEM having 5 layers and only 4 layers in my data

Again , this normally doesn't cause a problem but it is an issue.

I only include the dem files in the tdb when I upload the map to my 
device. Basecamp doesn't seem to complain.

My point was , that for some strange reason the/.hgt file needed for 
this area /gets ignored by BuildDEMfile , but not always - see below

Maps anywhere else don't cause a problem -

@ Frank

1) if I add dem files to kent-latest1.osm.pbf from, Geofabrik the 
'missing' .hgt file gets included and*the**/whole of Kent /**displays  DEM*

2)  If I use the small map OR 68775599.osm.pbf then the problem happens 
only the top part gets DEM - see picture

It perhaps has something to do with having to include a sea .hgt



On 23/11/2017 13:00, Andrzej Popowski wrote:
> Hi Nick,
> there are several problems with your map.
> You have created a transparent map without background. I think 
> background object 0x4A is needed for DEM shading.
> You have created DEM with 5 layers, while you got only 4 layers of 
> data in your map. Programs probably won't accept DEM with excessive 
> number of DEM layers.
> TDB of your map doesn't contain references to DEM.

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