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[mkgmap-dev] a new DEM-File Option

From Frank Stinner Frank.Stinner at kabelmail.de on Wed Oct 25 18:08:07 BST 2017

Hi Gerd,

i have seen this strange message today too. If i have only 1 Zoomlevel 
(it's enough for mapsource/basecamp), there is no message. That's why, i 
believe that is not a problem with the TDB. (Of course, in the TDB need 
set the DEM-flag and list the DEM-files.)

I see today, that for my gps-device (oregon 600) are more zoomlevels 
necessary. 1 zoomlevel is only enough for max. 800m-zoom. Maybe, we need 
maplevel - 1 zoomlevels for all zooms (?).

When i build direkt a device-IMG with DEM-files with more zoomlevels, my 
oregon shows them all. (I add simply to all tile-IMG's the DEM-files and 
then i pack all files together.)

But the reason for the senseless error-message from mapsource is obscure.

I will make some further tests in the next days.


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