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[mkgmap-dev] Re-using a splitter result

From Bernhard Hiller bhil at gmx.de on Sun Jul 31 20:43:38 BST 2016

 From one data extract (comprising Germany, Austria, Switzerland, 
Czechia, Belgium, Netherlands), I create 3 maps:
- a routable map for car with id 4312
- a routable map for bicycle with id 4311
- a shared map with points of interest, areas, and some lines (river, 
railway, etc) with id 4310
Due to an "activity routing" capable firmware, the routable maps must be 
Currently, I call splitter 3 times, with those different ids, and 
different names. All other parameters for splitter stay unchanged. That 
process costs a lot of time.
Is there some way to use the result of splitter for all three maps?

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