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[mkgmap-dev] tagging/rendering ways with multiple relations

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I have been learning OSM mapping now for a while and struggle with best
practices for name tagging ways. As an example please view the 1779
Trail on which I have worked which is shared in part by the 1777W Trail,
the Timp Torne Trail links included below.

What I have done here is

  * created a relation for each of the individual trails adding the name
    of the trail to the relation name.
  * leave the name tag on the way blank.

However a problem arises:

On waymarked trails this portion of the trail is rendered as follows:
showing symbols for the 3 trails that the way.

On openstreetmap.org it is rendered as follows:
showing neither the symbols or the 3 associated trailnames.

I am wondering 2 things

  * What is the best practice in dealing with such a situation?
  * Should I be adding the contents of every relation tag associated
    with a way, to the name tag of the way?  This seems like it would be
    very cumbersome.
  * Would it make sense to have the default openstreetmap.org page
    render the name tag of each associated  relation and if there are no
    relations then render the name tag of the way itself?

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