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[mkgmap-dev] Roundabouts causes crashing devices

From Minko ligfietser at online.nl on Sat Jul 9 09:02:45 BST 2016

Thanks Bernd,
I think your method of "every routable ways is an invisible line with overlay" will prevent those crashes.
With my style I have used in case of roundabouts two routable lines on top of each other that might have caused those occasional crashes. The same with bike routes on top of other roads, I am using line type 0x02 to render dashed lines in all cases on top of other routable lines. Until now I haven't found any non-routable line type that displays on top of every other line. I can make 0x02 unroutable by removing the road parameters but this leads to another issue: 
When searching for a specific address on that particular road, the device will draw a straight line to that address without using roads.

So I either have to accept an occaisonal crash or bad address routing. Don't know what is worse?

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