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[mkgmap-dev] Change resolution for towers in own style

From Achim Öhlenschläger achim at mengelbach.de on Mon Apr 4 23:15:09 BST 2016

Hi Gerd and Andrzej,

thanks for pointing that out, suddenly all makes sense ;-)

Now I'm facing the problem that there are far too many man_made=tower 
objects of which most are not useful for aviation. I need to learn more 
what additional tagging exists in OSM.


Am 04.04.2016 um 13:09 schrieb Andrzej Popowski:
> Hi Achim,
>  > in my 60xsc. I want the towers to appear in a much more "zoomed-out"
>  > state.
> 60CSx has own settings for POI visibility, you set the map scale up to
> which POI are visible. If you set it to "Auto", then POI disappear quit
> quickly, when zooming out.
> I have found similar setting in Qlandcarte, but this is not a program I
> know, so you have to figure yourself, how it works.

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