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[mkgmap-dev] Change resolution for towers in own style

From Lutz Mändle lmaendle at gmx.net on Mon Apr 4 21:20:34 BST 2016


I have this working for lighthouses with these line in my points file

man_made=lighthouse | seamark=lighthouse [0x1151d resolution 17]
(of course a different type code)

As GPS I use an etrex 30 which has an advanced map setup where detail is 
set to most.

In QLandkarte Setup->General->Preferences->Environment->Vector Maps the 
zoom level threshold for POIs should set to 500 and the zoom level 
threshold for POI labels should set to 600.
Einstellungen->Einstellungen->Umgebung->Vektokarten: Zoomschwelle für 
POIs auf 500, Zoomschwelle für POI Label auf 600)

Lutz Mändle         Internet: lmaendle at gmx.net

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