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[mkgmap-dev] Country unification in address search

From Gerd Petermann GPetermann_muenchen at hotmail.com on Thu Nov 12 07:56:24 GMT 2015

Hi Felix,

I think the results depends on the bounds file and your style.

For example, we used to have the rule

mkgmap:country!=* & addr:country=* { set mkgmap:country='${addr:country}' }

in inc/address. The tag addr:country typically contains a 3-byte-ISO code like AUT,

but we expect 2-byte-code in mkgmap:country.

So, now we have the rule

mkgmap:country!=* & addr:country=* { set mkgmap:country='${addr:country|country-ISO:}' }

I am not sure if the "wrong" value was written to the img file, but it caused problems in the

housenumber code. If that doesn't help, please post details that allow to reproduce the problem.


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Betreff: [mkgmap-dev] Country unification in address search

Am I alone with the problem that for any country the unification of countries to a single choice in address search is not fully working?

e.g. in Austria I get:
Österreich (AUT) --- most addresses are found under this entry.
Austria (AT)  // AT (Austria)-- nearly no addresses found here - but it exists so some addresses are classified like this
Aut -- find every result twice - but in essence it's the same as Österreich (AUT)

I thought

    <country name="Österreich" abr="AUT" streetBeforeHousenumber="true" postalcodeBeforeCity="true">

in locatorconfig.xml should solve this. How is it possible that I do get addresses in the wrong country? In Canada i.e. it's really bad.

Felix Hartman - Openmtbmap.org & VeloMap.org
Floragasse 9/11
1040 Wien
Austria - Österreich
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