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[mkgmap-dev] Marine charts and Garmin 4+ firmware : "Map format not supported" Error

From ubik ubikforce at gmail.com on Tue Sep 22 09:05:32 BST 2015


I wonder if someone is working or has a solution for marine Garmin's
plotters firmware 4+ (e.g. echoMAP 4.60).

It seems that no one is working on the infamous "map format not supported"
error given by newer devices and openseamap charts.
Maybe there is someone who is expert in RE field and take a look at the
latest firmware upgrades.

A downgrade to earlier versions is not a good solution; in any case ... it
is not a firmware bug (as mentioned in the wiki of osm) but it is a
"feature" introduced on purpose to block third-party map producers.

I'm a developer but I do not have all the necessary skills to investigate
and research completely by himself. I would like to know if there is
someone I can get in touch...

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