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[mkgmap-dev] Attributes that correspond with Garmin Format?

From Nick Papadonis npapadonis at gmail.com on Sun Sep 20 22:18:37 BST 2015

Hi Folks,

I’m have a number of trail maps in ArcMap format that I’m considering converting to Garmin .img.  I have tried a few different utilities, however it appears they are having issues with incorrect or null attribute formats.  What I notice is these vector maps consist of a number of polylines with attributes ObjectID, Shape, Type, Name, Shape_Length and Code.  The Type field is <Null> on all the lines, however the Code changes depending on the type of line.  I’d like to convert this data to Polish MP or OSM and use mkgmap to create the Garmin image file, however I’m a bit puzzled by the attribute fields and what to use for values.  Is there a mapping somewhere of what attribute fields mkgmap and/or Garmin format expects?  I.e. field and value which would specify a trail, a road, etc?

Thanks so much,

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