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[mkgmap-dev] bicycle=use_sidepath

From Thorsten Kukuk kukuk at suse.de on Tue Aug 18 12:38:42 BST 2015

On Tue, Aug 18, UliBaer wrote:

> Forgive me, but since routing problems are just discussed here, i also have a
> problem with bicycle paths:
> Nearly every time i leave the calculated route for car navigation and the
> Garmin starts to recalculate the route, it assumes, i'm driving on a bicycle
> way on the side of the street and it tries to reroute me on the street again
> at the next crossing. This is strange, since i have set the device for car
> routing and it tries to reroute on the street again, but nearly every time,
> if there is a bicycle way, it assumes, i'm on the bicycle way with my car.
> This does not happen, if there is no bicycle way nearby.
> I use the style from Ralf Kleineisel and the Garmin device is an etrex Vista
> HCx. This does not depend on mkgmap version, since it has always done that.
> Is there a way to avoid this behavior?

Did you enable "lock on road" in your device?
The problem sounds like your GPS signal (or the road) is off by some meters. 
Your Garmin device looks for the nearest way, and it finds the cycleway.
So it assumes you are driving on the cycleway. If there is no cycleway, it
will use the road, because there is nothing more in the near.


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