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[mkgmap-dev] "too many restrictions" mkgmap message

From Alexandre Loss alexandre.loss at gmail.com on Thu Jul 2 17:00:55 BST 2015

Hi Steve,

I'm getting the error "too many restrictions" when compiling one of my maps
with the as you can see in the out put bellow:

java -Xmx10g -XX:+UseConcMarkSweepGC -jar ..\Ferramentas\mkgmap.jar
--license-file="..\txt\Licenca-TRC.txt" -c TS-Brasil.args
Time started: Thu Jul 02 04:30:41 BRT 2015
Bad file format: 90002054.osm.gz
too many restrictions
Number of MapFailedExceptions: 0
Number of ExitExceptions: 0
Time finished: Thu Jul 02 04:35:14 BRT 2015
Total time taken: 273335ms

And I saw in the mkgmap code that this error was thrown in
TableC.getOffsetSize method written by you.

Could you or anyone tell me what should be wrong in my map to cause this
It looks like a specific problem in one of my restrictions. But what kind
of problem? I don't know what I must find in the map to fix the problem.

Thank you.

Best regards.
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