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[mkgmap-dev] Incorrect runabout exit indication

From Johan van Niekerk joh at thecyberinn.com on Tue Sep 30 13:13:52 BST 2014


OK, I never realized in order to receive a mail one has to subscribe
to the mailing first. I have now done so and will try to send my
query again.

Here is my previous mail:
First of all, I’m not sure if I am following the correct procedure by

wring to this email address I found here on the mkgmap site?



I use a Garmin Nüvi 55 with primarily maps of Denmark from

OpenStreetMap (Lambertus) compiled with “mkgmap”. I have
the latest revision of the Denmark map
 09-09-2014. All other
maps on my GPS are disabled.




There is an error:
For example, my journey takes me though a roundabout. It is

a straight forward roundabout with 4 exists, 3, 6, 9 & 12 o’clock.

I enter the roundabout at 6 o’clock and should exit it at 9 o’clock

to reach my destination.

The voice prompt of my GPS navigates me though the roundabout

 “take exit number three, bla bla bla”

HOWEVER, the small icon to the top left of the navigation

window on my Garmin, indicating the specific roundabout exit

position, incorrectly indicates that I should exit the roundabout

at 6 o’clock.


I find this to be the matter with all roundabouts
 the small icon to

the top left of the navigation window, indicating the specific

roundabout exit position, displays an exit later that the actual

exit that I need to take.

When I use a map from for example NZ Open GPS

(http://gwprojects.org/) that compiles maps with “cgpsmapper”

both the voice prompt and the icon indicating the specific roundabout
exit position (top left of navigation screen) of my GPS is correct.

I am not sure if this is a “mkgmap” compiler issue or a Garmin
device firmware issue?

Kind regards


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