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[mkgmap-dev] highway-symbol for maxspeed?

From Bernhard Hiller bhil at gmx.de on Sun Sep 21 13:33:51 BST 2014

I was trying to show maxspeed information on the map.

In the lines file, I added
highway=* & maxspeed=* {addlabel '${maxspeed}'}
which replaced the name by maxspeed.

Next, I looked at some examples in the default style which add ref as a 
label (but whose syntax I do not understand - looks more like changing 
the value fo the name tag), and tried to adjust it for maxspeed:
highway=* & maxspeed=* { ${maxspeed|highway-symbol:hbox}; addlabel 
fails with an error message.

Do I need to add the result to some variable? I tried
highway=* & maxspeed=* {set x='${maxspeed|highway-symbol:hbox}'; 
addlabel '${maxspeed}' ; }
no - that repalces name by maxspeed again.

Is it possible to add such markers as are used for reference numbers to 
the highways which show maxspeed instead of something else? If so, how 
can that be achieved?
Thanks a lot for your hints.

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