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[mkgmap-dev] Merging pbf files before splitter/mkgmap fails

From paco.tyson at free.fr paco.tyson at free.fr on Sun Jul 27 21:10:49 BST 2014

Hi all,

I need help for a slightly offtopic problem.

I've got a (huge) list of addresses in CSV format. I want to add them to the pbf file from geofabrik before running splitter/mkgmap. Those addresses aren't in OSM.
I converted the CSV file to an .osm file. The script produces the addresses with a negative osm id.
I then use osmconvert :
./osmconvert geofabrik.osm.pbf addresses.osm --out-pbf -o=complete.pbf
No error returned. The complete.pbf file is correctly processed by the splitter/mkgmap toolchain. But the map doesn't show the addresses.

I tried to look for the problem : 
- The .osm file seems correct, it opens correctly in JOSM.
- Converting the .osm file to .pbf format before merging doesn't help
- Something funny : after merging, the .pbf file is slightly smaller than the geofabrik one. osmconvert does a more efficient job at creating pbf files ?

I guess that the problem lies in the merging part but I didn't find any inspection tool for the pbf format.

Can anybody help ?


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