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[mkgmap-dev] address search in Nuvi broken

From Michał Rogala michal.rogala at gmail.com on Sat Jul 19 17:49:20 BST 2014


I have a strange problem with Nuvi devices. I generate one map in two

- latin 1
- cp1250

Address search for both maps works well in GPSMap 62 and similar handhelds,
as well as in MapSource and BaseCamp. Recently I've got a few Nuvi devices
for testing and it occured that on those devices address search doesn't
work - you can't choose any city (no results found).

Problem occurs when using latin1 version - cp1250 works fine.

After a lot of trial and error I found out that in Nuvi you need to enter
city and street name with upper-case letters (enable "caps-lock" in device).

This is really strange and I have no idea how to resolve this situation -
adding --lower-case doesn't work. It doesn't matter if I upload map using
MapInstall or by dropping IMG file.

I have tested two mkgmap versions:

- mkgmap 3314 - address search broken
- mkgmap 3280 - address search works fine, although letter "ó" is not
properly transliterated into "o" - Wrociszów town should be Wrociszow

I compile map for Poland - so maybe it has something to do with diacritical
chars and transliteration.

best regards

Michal Rogala
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