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[mkgmap-dev] AssertionError on turn restriction

From Minko ligfietser at online.nl on Fri Jul 4 09:12:36 BST 2014

When I enable assertions (-ea) in my java command, mkgmap-r3300 is not able to produce one tile and gives an java.lang.AssertionError.

I found out that the problem was this turn restriction relation, with 

In my relation style file I have the following line, to ignore those restrictions in my bike map:
type=restriction:motorcar  {delete type}

I dont know if it's a bug in mkgmap or in my styles but it will produce no errors without this line, but then the restriction are applied and that's not what is intended.

If I change the line into 
type=restriction:motorcar  {delete 'type=restriction:motorcar'}
then I get no assertion error.

Now maybe this relation is a bad case because mkgmap seems to ignore it at all (via ways instead of via-points?) so I have adapted the relation a bit in JOSM to make it work with one 'from' way, one via-point and one 'to' way.

I use in my relation file this line
type=restriction:motorcar  {delete 'type=restriction:motorcar'}

Result is that in motorcar mode, the turn restriction is still active. So there is still something missing in the mkgmap code, also {delete restriction} didnt help here either, looks like that those lines are completely ignored in the relation file here?

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