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[mkgmap-dev] How to remove an index from an existing map

From Felix Hartmann extremecarver at gmail.com on Thu Jul 3 19:36:43 BST 2014

You should have phrased your question better...
--index is only about address search. POI search is independent of 
address search.

I'm not sure if there is an index for POI as well - but what you could 
do is use 0x00000 codes that are not searchable. Actually most 0x* codes 
are not appearing in the POI search. So try around until you achieve 
what you want.
But note - on some units the POI might pop up in the Others category - 
while being unsearchable on other Garmin units...

However -yes deactivating/activating a map only concerns map display. 
Neither address search or POI search can be switched off on the GPS unit.
On 03.07.2014 18:16, Bernhard Hiller wrote:
> Czesc Andrzej,
> thanks for your hints. Unfortunately, it did not work.
> Next, I downloaded a fresh extract from Geofabrik and created a fresh 
> map without an index. I verified that the maps which come with the 
> device do not have POIs (well, there are some: all of them are 
> military or civil airports, but that's it). After copying the map into 
> the device, all the POIs were present.
> That means, the device reads the POIs from the tiles (?) or somewhere 
> else from the map when no index is present.
> I tried to add an empty index by creating osmmap.mdx and 
> osmmap_mdr.img files from a small JOSM download, and then created the 
> gmapsupp with the "normal" tiles and that index - that did not work.
> An Oregon does not have an option to select the map for search (even 
> not enabled maps are used!), despite its rather high price it seems 
> not to be a "better" device...
> Other ideas?
> Kind regards,
> Bernhard
> Am 02.07.2014 22:43, schrieb Andrzej Popowski:
>> Hi Bernhard,
>> On PC index is a file with name *_mdr.img, you can remove this file 
>> form registry (probably together with  *.mdx).
>> In a gmapsupp.img index is a subfile with name *.mdr. You can split 
>> img to subfiles, delete *.mdr and then merge subfiles back.
>> Better Garmin devices have option to select map for search, maybe 
>> Oregon too? Is there any "menu" button at POI search windows?
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