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[mkgmap-dev] coastline boundaries

From Minko ligfietser at online.nl on Sat Feb 1 09:34:29 GMT 2014

Thanks Gerd, that explains it.

> I am not sure if I can help here.
> You use the precomp-sea option, that means that ways with
> natural=coastline are filtered in
> this way:
> a) the tag natural=coastline is removed from the original way

A better option would be to rename this tag into mkgmap:coastline=yes
(or some other tag) instead of deleting natural=coastline
so I can filter all boundaries from those ways

> b) a copy of the way with the same points is created.
> This new way has a Fake-Id like 4611686018427387908 and the tags
> natural=coastline,mkgmap:stylefilter=polyline

Thats ok with me, I dont render natural=coastline

> This happens before style processing. Iam not sure why this is done.
> Gerd

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