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[mkgmap-dev] New clip box functionality for splitter

From Geoff Sherlock geoffrey_sherlock at btinternet.com on Sun Sep 16 10:57:46 BST 2012

I am interested in contributing to the development effort of mkgmap and have come up with what should be a simple project to begin with. I am thinking of adding a clip box to the splitter so that any nodes outside the box will be ignored, and any lines, polygons will be clipped to the clip box (I have chosen clip so as not to confuse it with the bounds option).

This has come about as I have been generating a map for Sri Lanka as I am going on holiday there in October. Cloudmade has a separate extract for Sri Lanka, but is very out of date. To get up-to-date data I have to download all of Asia from Geofabrik and process the whole lot, loading into Mapsource, then selecting the few tiles that cover Sri Lanka and transferring them to device.

By supplying a clip box I could give a lat,long combination for the bottom left and top right corner; and clip to that – in the case of Sri Lanka the splitter would probably give me a single tile to process through mkgmap. It would also mean I do not need Mapsource to produce a gmapsupp.img file at all.

If anyone knows why I should not try this project please let me know.

A question: Is there a preferred development environment system for mkgmap or splitter on Windows, such a Eclipse or NetBeans???

Regards, Geoff. 
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