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[mkgmap-dev] How to debug: IE instead of IRL

From WanMil wmgcnfg at web.de on Mon Nov 28 19:10:27 GMT 2011

> Hi,
> when I build a map for Ireland, the abrevision is "IE" and not
> the expected "IRL".
> The LocatorConfig.xml looks Ok to me. In the log files I find
> mkgmap:country=IE and mkgmap:country=IRL.
> for example:
> 2011/11/21 23:40:16 WARNUNG (StyledConverter): 71340006.osm.pbf: Unclosed way ht
> tp://www.openstreetmap.org/browse/way/46605658 [mkgmap:admin_level5=Leinster,mkg
> map:admin_level6=County Kilkenny,man_made=pier,mkgmap:region=County Kilkenny,mkg
> map:admin_level2=IE,mkgmap:country=IE] should be converted as shape but the star
> t or end point lies inside the bbox. Skip it.
> And:
> 2011/11/21 23:38:36 WARNUNG (StyledConverter): 71340001.osm.pbf: Unclosed way ht
> tp://www.openstreetmap.org/browse/way/106590397 [mkgmap:admin_level5=Ulster,mkgm
> ap:way-has-pois=true,man_made=pier,mkgmap:admin_level6=County Donegal,mkgmap:reg
> ion=County Donegal,mkgmap:admin_level2=IRL,mkgmap:country=IRL] should be convert
> ed as shape but the start or end point lies inside the bbox. Skip it.
> I can overwrite it in the style, but I would really like to
> understand what's going on and how to fix it correct.
> Thanks,
>    Thorsten

Hi Thorsten,

I've observed such a problem once although I cannot fully adapt it to 
your problem. Anyhow I'll describe what happens in mkgmap so you might 
have an idea yourself?!

When the tiles are processed the following things happen:
- On the first access to the LocatorConfig.xml it is loaded. mkgmap 
tries to improve the country information in this locator data structure 
while it is running.
- When the option index with location-autofill=bounds... is set the 
precompiled bounds are loaded. The country info of the precompiled 
bounds (all tags of the country relation) are added to the locator data 
structure. This enables mkgmap to follow the name-tag-list option for 
country names.
- All elements (point, line, shape) are applied with the precompiled 
bounds info (mkgmap:admin_level2=IRL)
- After the style is applied the country abbreviations are expanded to 
the complete names using the locator data structure. If the country was 
contained in the precompiled bounds the name-tag-list option is used to 
retrieve the full country name from the locator data structure. 
Otherwise the full country name is taken from the LocatorConfig.xml data.

What might have happened in your case is:
1. You have used different name-tag-list values for different tiles (is 
that possible? I should know but I am unsure...). Anyhow the country 
abbreviation should be the same because it is always taken from the 
2. The precompiled bounds of Ireland might have been incomplete so that 
the admin_level2 boundary did not cover the full area of Ireland. In 
this case the precompiled bounds of the first tile might not contain any 
admin_level2 information. This also means that the LocatorConfig.xml 
data is used for retrieving the full country name. For further tiles the 
locator data is completed with the tags of the Ireland boundary and 
therefore the name-tag-list option decides what's the full country name. 
Anyhow the country abbreviation should be the same...

If you can reproduce the problem you can send me your splitter settings, 
your mkgmap parameters including your style files. Then I can have a 
look on it.


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