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[mkgmap-dev] How to debug: IE instead of IRL

From Thorsten Kukuk kukuk at suse.de on Mon Nov 28 21:19:46 GMT 2011

On Mon, Nov 28, WanMil wrote:

> Hi Thorsten,
> I've observed such a problem once although I cannot fully adapt it to 
> your problem. Anyhow I'll describe what happens in mkgmap so you might 
> have an idea yourself?!

> What might have happened in your case is:
> 1. You have used different name-tag-list values for different tiles (is 
> that possible? I should know but I am unsure...). Anyhow the country 
> abbreviation should be the same because it is always taken from the 
> LocatorConfig.xml.

No, I don't use different name-tag-list values for different tiles.
And meanwhile I found out that the country abbreviation is always
the one from "--country-abbr=XYZ", independent of which value is
specified here. Since the island Ireland consists of two countrys,
the value is always wrong for both states. Between, only the
country Ireland is wrong, North-Irland is always correct.

> 2. The precompiled bounds of Ireland might have been incomplete so that 
> the admin_level2 boundary did not cover the full area of Ireland.

The precompiled bounds are yours. Between, the latest world tar.gz
archive from November is broken, I always get CRC errors when trying
to unpack it.

> If you can reproduce the problem you can send me your splitter settings, 
> your mkgmap parameters including your style files. Then I can have a 
> look on it.

I tared up the whole directory, since it isn't that big:


Change into that directory and call:
"mkgmap --style-file=style/ --country-name=ireland --country-abbr=EU --series-name=TK-Ireland-Basemap --family-name=TK-OSM-EU --area-name=EU --overview-mapname=TK-OSM-Ireland-Basemap --tdbfile --latin1 --bounds=bounds --location-autofill=bounds,nearest,is_in --add-pois-to-areas --reduce-point-density-polygon=8 --min-size-polygon=8 --make-opposite-cycleways --remove-short-arcs --adjust-turn-headings --route --net --generate-sea=extend-sea-sectors '--pois-to-areas-placement=entrance=main;entrance=yes;building=entrance;barrier=entrance' --index -c mkgmap.cfg --gmapsupp -c maps.cfg --description=TK-Ireland-Basemap TK_EU.TYP"

You need to adjust the bounds option of course.


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