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[mkgmap-dev] side effects add-pois-to-lines

From Minko ligfietser at online.nl on Sat Nov 26 13:52:02 GMT 2011

Thanks Thorsten,
I suppose you can use {delete natural} instead of {set natural=""} too?

Just in case one of these tags are on a highway or waterway line, 
I can remove those pois with these rules:

# don't render not relevant mkgmap:line2poi tags
amenity=* & mkgmap:line2poi=true {delete amenity}
barrier=* & mkgmap:line2poi=true {delete barrier}
historic=* & mkgmap:line2poi=true {delete historic}
landuse=* & mkgmap:line2poi=true {delete landuse}
leisure=* & mkgmap:line2poi=true {delete leisure}
man_made=* & mkgmap:line2poi=true {delete man_made}
natural=* & mkgmap:line2poi=true {delete natural}
rcn_ref=* & mkgmap:line2poi=true {delete rcn_ref}
place=* & mkgmap:line2poi=true {delete place}
shop=* & mkgmap:line2poi=true {delete shop}
sport=* & mkgmap:line2poi=true {delete sport}
tourism=* & mkgmap:line2poi=true {delete tourism}

Example of unwanted pois on a line element:
leisure=track & sport=cycling

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