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[mkgmap-dev] side effects add-pois-to-lines

From Torsten Leistikow de_muur at gmx.de on Sat Nov 26 11:36:08 GMT 2011


Felix Hartmann schrieb am 17.11.2011 19:35:
> There are only very very few cases where I 
> can see this option having any sense for me, so I would have to use 
> quite a lot of
> mkgmap:line2poi!=true
> statements.

Actually you do not need so many statements like this, since you can combine
them and delete the "main"-tag via an action rule. So e.g. if you know, that you
do not want any natural POIs based on lines, you could add a rule like

natural=* & mkgmap:line2poi=true {set natural=""}

Surely it would be more straight forward, if could could positively mark the
lines (or areas) in the style for the POI generation, but in the end you can
achieve the same results with both. So I am quite satisfied with the actual


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