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[mkgmap-dev] routing on new devices

From Minko ligfietser at online.nl on Fri Nov 18 12:04:11 GMT 2011

Interesting tests Chris.
I wonder how this works out on Basecamp? I've noticed that using 'avoid carpool' the routing gets very unpredictable, but maybe because I don't use it in my styles.

To use a gmapsupp.img in Basecamp, you can reset the MS flag in the gmapsupp header from 1 to zero and connect the GPS (or use a card reader) to your computer.
How to reset the MS flag: use IMGmod from http://www.javawa.nl/gpskaart.html ,  GMaptool or with the gmt command gmt.exe -w -c .,0 gmapsupp.img
See also http://www.mail-archive.com/mkgmap-dev@lists.mkgmap.org.uk/msg10457.html

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