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[mkgmap-dev] Cutting down the default style

From David Fletcher dave at thefletchers.net on Tue Nov 8 09:42:11 GMT 2011

I don't yet know how your system works but I totally agree with this

When I was working as a software engineer, the main job was a text
screen with a menus driven user interface. Every "hard coded" menu was
actually a linked list of options with the texts automatically loaded
from a file in the appropriate language. Every configuration file, used
to control the testing of a list of items of particular types, was also
loaded into a linked list and driven by exactly the same code as the
"hard coded" menus with parameter files for each item.

I'm telling you this as a new member so that you know that I am familiar
with the concepts you are talking about. Unfortunately, radical life
style changes have been forced upon me by circumstances, hence I needed
to do a bit of a career change.


On Mon, 2011-11-07 at 18:40 +0000, Roger Calvert wrote:
> I don't want to comment specifically on any of the recent topics, but
> I think there is a general point which is worth making.
> A very flexible system is when the program (mkgmap) holds only
> information about data structures. Data values are held in the
> configuration (style) file and the actual input files. It is the
> configuration file which should carry out customisation for a
> particular purpose. 
> Rather than putting extra specific data values in mkgmap, some extra
> facilities for style files (such as the suggestion that it should be
> possible to access mkgmap internal constants) and a number of
> different sample (default) styles would give flexibility both now and
> for future developments. It might also be possible to incorporate more
> of the mkgmap command line options in the style file.
> Roger
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> Roger Calvert
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> On 07/11/2011 17:38, Rich wrote: 
> > On 11/07/11 16:42, Minko wrote:
> > > I never worked with Qlandkarte. Mapsource and Basecamp are not capable of displaying multiple maps on top of each other if they don't have the same Family ID. If they have the same FID, you cannot select which layer you like to see and which layer not. You see them all. You can use multiple layers and give them different FID's but then you can see only one layer.
> > so i guess just cutting down the default style wouldn't be too good... 
> > how about having several "default" styles instead ? that would also 
> > allow users to look at the differences and ease the initial 
> > understanding on changing the styles themselves
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