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[mkgmap-dev] possible bug? mkgmap freezes with lines only routing style

From michael lohr micha.lohr at web.de on Sat Oct 29 17:23:12 BST 2011

it would make a lot of sense if such names do not find their way into 
the index. to control that behaviour flagging those ways via the style 
file feels like the most flexible method.

Am 29.10.2011 15:57, schrieb Steve Ratcliffe:
> Hi
> I would like some opinions please from those that make maps.
> If you have a style that say sets the name of every path to 'Path'
>     eg: highway=path | highway=footway | highway=track {name 'Path' }
> or anything similar that results in thousands of roads with the same
> name, then mkgmap appears to freeze.
> The code that is slow is creating a list of roads that will be used
> when you search for an address in MapSource or on the device.
> I can fix this in various ways, but I want to ask how useful it is to
> have thousands of roads with the same name appear as a result of a
> search?
> For a start in mapsource, you only see a few of the results anyway.
> Should I drop the name completely from the index when there are more
> than say 500 roads with the same name in the same city?
> There is a branch called simplify-sorted-roads where I am trying out
> different approaches to the problem, if anyone else wants to try it out
> or look at it.
>> I can confirm that behaviour. Although in real mkgmap does not freeze
>> (endless loop) but is working very very hard. Possibly the mkgmap code
>> is not very optimal for the special test case.
>> @Steve, the code requires a very long time in the
>> NETFile.simplifySortedRoads method because I think there are many roads
>> with the same name. I think I remember a similar discussion some time
>> ago? The method seems to perform a brute force method to detect
>> connected roads with the same name. Can you have a look on it?
> ..Steve
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