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[mkgmap-dev] possible bug? mkgmap freezes with lines only routing style

From Thorsten Kukuk kukuk at suse.de on Sat Oct 29 17:08:19 BST 2011


On Sat, Oct 29, Steve Ratcliffe wrote:

> If you have a style that say sets the name of every path to 'Path'
>    eg: highway=path | highway=footway | highway=track {name 'Path' }
> or anything similar that results in thousands of roads with the same
> name, then mkgmap appears to freeze.
> The code that is slow is creating a list of roads that will be used
> when you search for an address in MapSource or on the device.
> I can fix this in various ways, but I want to ask how useful it is to
> have thousands of roads with the same name appear as a result of a
> search?

In all cases where I set a name for a highway it is because the way
does not have a name. So I set something like "unpaved road" or
something similar. Which means, no, it doesn't make any sense to
have this as a search result. "upnaved road" will not help anybody
at all to find a street.

> Should I drop the name completely from the index when there are more
> than say 500 roads with the same name in the same city?

I think that's a good idea. But I have no experience what a good
limit is.


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