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[mkgmap-dev] Partially not findable street

From Martin mkgmap at snailrun.de on Fri Oct 14 08:41:00 BST 2011

Hello Steve,

don't panic, everything works fine with your patch.
I had some sparetime and would like to test the display-tool you 
recommended below.
But I have trouble to compile it. Is there anywhere a documentation for 
compiling this tool? I'm not a java-developer, more C++-"beginner".
I have attached the error.log.


Am 2011-09-26 12:33, schrieb Steve Ratcliffe:
> Hi Martin
>> unfortunately I have deleted all the files, but I have created them 
>> again with the geofabrik-datas from today.
>> Search for the Engelbertusstraße works:
>> http://snailrun.de/59.zip
>> Didn't work:
>> http://snailrun.de/56789.zip
> Thanks very much. I believe I found the problem (or at least a problem).
> Could you try out the attached patch please?
> In the mdr20 section the streets were being sorted not just by city
> name, but also by map number. So it was looking like this:
> with Apple and Bee in the same city but different maps, instead of 
> like this:
> I previously suggested that the city being in three tiles rather than
> two might have been a problem, but I believe that was not particularly
> relevant.
> I think that some streets will be un-findable whenever a city falls
> across more than one tile.
>> How can I read the the different mdr-tables?
> In the display project (code at http://svn.mkgmap.org.uk/display/trunk)
> there are a number of utilities that display various aspects of
> the file.
> test.display.MdrDisplay
>     displays the structure of an MDR file
>     This is reliable since it prints out exactly what is in the file,
>     but the interpretation of mdr files that are contained within
>     gmapsup.img files may be incomplete or incorrect.
>     Pass the name of the file that is or contains an MDR file.
>     Followed by numbers if you want to limit the sections that are
>     printed.
> test.display.MdrCheck
>     reads an MDR file and the associated .img files that it was
>     created from.  It cross checks the data between the index and the
>     img files and prints in a form that shows the meaning rather than
>     the literal layout of the file.
>     It can be mis-leading since I just add to it when needed and some
>     changes I have made to mkgmap are not reflected in this code.
>     So some of the errors it prints are not errors.
>     Pass the name of a file (an MDR file, xxx_mdr.img or gmapsupp.img)
>     Followed by options: --print 5,7 to just print sections 5 and 7
>          --errors to just print the errors.
> ..Steve
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