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[mkgmap-dev] Index with Arabic names

From Steve Ratcliffe steve at parabola.me.uk on Sat Jun 18 11:03:05 BST 2011

Hi Hosam

I have now made a lot of progress and have something that works as far 
as I can tell.

I can now hit space, select one of the displayed names and it is found.

There are two patches attached.

The first is the main problem I think. Previously there were two
equal and opposite errors when reading the labels out of the .img
files and then writing to the index. This was deliberate and works
as far as getting the correct characters. However it meant that the
labels were completly mis-sorted and sorting is essential for

The second patch includes a sort table for cp1256 and implements
the character expansion feature in the SRT compiler, this is where
a character like æ can be made to sort as if it were the two separate
characters "ae". Previously the feature was hardwired in as I didn't
know how it worked, and it may therefore have been causing problems.


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