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[mkgmap-dev] Error on MapSource with r1919

From Andy Allan gravitystorm at gmail.com on Wed Apr 20 15:01:49 BST 2011

2011/4/20 Carlos Dávila <cdavilam at orangecorreo.es>:
> El 20/04/11 11:28, Carlos Dávila escribió:
>> MapSource crashes if I try to activate Spain map generated with r1919
>> throwing a message mentioning DSK_FIRSTIMAGESECTOR.CPP. The same input
>> files compiled with r1916 work fine. Other maps like Morocco, Portugal,
>> Canary Islands, all of them quite smaller, work fine with r1919.
> map compiled with:
> java -Xmx1500m -enableassertions -Dlog.config=logging.properties -jar
> mkgmap.jar --max-jobs --generate-sea=polygons,extend-sea-sectors --route
> --latin1 --code-page=1252 --gmapsupp --country-name=ESPAÑA
> --country-abbr=ESP --area-name=España --family-name="OpenStreetMap
> España" --family-id=14 --product-id=1 --series-name="OSM-España"
> --overview-mapname=55140000 --index --road-name-pois=0x640a
> --ignore-maxspeeds --remove-short-arcs --merge-lines --add-pois-to-areas
> --adjust-turn-headings --report-similar-arcs --link-pois-to-ways
> --location-autofill=0 --drive-on-right --check-roundabouts
> --check-roundabout-flares --style=mio --delete-tags-file=quitar_is_in -c
> spain.args

Can you give the filesize of the problem file and the largest good
file? I tested the patch up with up to ~1.3G gmapsupp.img files.

Also, I only tested these files with my eTrex and with basecamp, which
can read gmapsupp.img files from SD cards. How are you using the
gmapsupp.img file with MapSource? I'm just curious and still learning
about MapSource :-)


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