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[mkgmap-dev] Error on MapSource with r1919

From Carlos Dávila cdavilam at orangecorreo.es on Wed Apr 20 10:36:07 BST 2011

El 20/04/11 11:28, Carlos Dávila escribió:
> MapSource crashes if I try to activate Spain map generated with r1919
> throwing a message mentioning DSK_FIRSTIMAGESECTOR.CPP. The same input
> files compiled with r1916 work fine. Other maps like Morocco, Portugal,
> Canary Islands, all of them quite smaller, work fine with r1919.
map compiled with:
java -Xmx1500m -enableassertions -Dlog.config=logging.properties -jar 
mkgmap.jar --max-jobs --generate-sea=polygons,extend-sea-sectors --route 
--latin1 --code-page=1252 --gmapsupp --country-name=ESPAÑA 
--country-abbr=ESP --area-name=España --family-name="OpenStreetMap 
España" --family-id=14 --product-id=1 --series-name="OSM-España" 
--overview-mapname=55140000 --index --road-name-pois=0x640a 
--ignore-maxspeeds --remove-short-arcs --merge-lines --add-pois-to-areas 
--adjust-turn-headings --report-similar-arcs --link-pois-to-ways 
--location-autofill=0 --drive-on-right --check-roundabouts 
--check-roundabout-flares --style=mio --delete-tags-file=quitar_is_in -c 

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