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[mkgmap-dev] Options overhaul

From Carlos Dávila cdavilam at orangecorreo.es on Fri Apr 1 18:41:15 BST 2011

El 29/03/11 17:48, Felix Hartmann escribió:
> On 29.03.2011 17:25, Carlos Dávila wrote:
>> El 29/03/11 16:50, Steve Ratcliffe escribió:
>>> The aim is not just to remove options, but is much more about
>>> improving how it works in the default case without options, or to
>>> remove the need for various options altogether that only ever existed
>>> to work around some bug that is fixed or could be fixed very easily.
>>> The problem with --remove-short-arcs is that it is not optional.
>>> If it is not given then routing will break and you get streams of
>>> 'error' messages that are of no help to anyone, since the map data is
>>> perfectly fine. To create a correct routing network mkgmap has to deal
>>> with short arcs in the network.
>>> The --ignore-osm-bounds option was only ever a work around for mkgmap
>>> not dealing with files containing several bounds as produced by josm.
>>> This option is not harmless; if used with several tiles produced by
>>> splitter it will destroy inter-tile routing.  And yet there are several
>>> places on the web that demonstrate exactly that problem [1]
>>> Another example: --no-sorted-roads, this is documented as making
>>> mkgmap run faster, but as far as I know it never did (there was some
>>> completely different reason for why mkgmap was running slow at the
>>> time this option was introduced). The downside of the option is that
>>> it produces a broken map where any kind of searching for roads is
>>> likely to fail. Again it is not optional; the roads have to be
>>> sorted, and even if it did take longer, that is just the price that
>>> would have to be paid to create a working map.
>>> A quick search shows that people are actually using this option
>>> and so producing broken maps.
>>> ..Steve
>>> [1] Eg, just to pick the first one I found (there are many more)
>>> http://acrosscanadatrails.posterous.com/making-routable-mapsource-maps
>> --road-name-pois was also introduced as a workaround before we have
>> address search working and so candidate to be deprecated, but I still
>> find it useful as it speeds up searches. For example, if I want to find
>> a street called Avenida de la Libertad via address search I have to type
>> the complete name (after selecting country and city) whereas via spell
>> menu typing Libertad is enough to show a list where I can select the
>> desired one. Also, if I'm not sure whether it is called "Avenida de la
>> Libertad", "Avenida la Libertad" or "Avenida Libertad", using spell menu
>> is much faster. Would it be possible to get partial searches working in
>> address search?
>> _______________________________________________
> And is another candidate that really should be sent into the desert. I
> get at least 5 people a week complaining search for POI with my maps is
> broken, because they use another map produced with --road-name-pois
> which completly havocs the POI search on older generation GPS. I'm
> really pissed of about the road-name-pois command because it produces
> maps that may even crash GPS and gives the image of mkgmap producing
> faulty maps -- or said differently -- because of this option in many
> forums I read comments as take care when using OSM maps on your GPS, as
> they may break it (no other mkgmap bug currently is able to crash your
> GPS, other than for example not using --remove-short-arcs when --route
> is given, which may also crash your GPS)
> Try out a city navigator map to sea what is possible with address
> search. In principle you only need to enter/exit the housenumber field,
> then entering a streetname (with autocompletion for name which does not
> exist on POI search) and results will be listed. There is no need to
> enter country/city except to filter down results (valid for
> Mapsource/Basecamp/Vista HCx/Nuvi 255W)
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