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[mkgmap-dev] search and address test (index-r1860)

From maning sambale emmanuel.sambale at gmail.com on Thu Feb 17 06:50:51 GMT 2011


Some test results using the index-r1860 for the Philippines using nuvi 1310.

1. Select country now has one option for the Philippines

2. Search by address by street name works.  You can use both "Spell
City" and "Search All" .  One quirk, I noticed is that a street is
assigned to a single place/"city" depending on the location of the
place node.  For example, "Street x Y village, Z City" can be found
either in in X or Y and not both.  The problem is that if there are
many place=village or hamlet tags within a City, very few results will
come out when using the actual city name.

(I am aware that this is due to the use of the is_in tags and there
are proposed ideas on using boundaries and relations and nominatim in
the future)

3. City search now works.

4. Intersection works!  However, it suffers the
one-street-one-city-only issue as item 2.  Moreover, when selecting
"Street1", you are given another window to select "Street2".  Pressing
the "Done" button, you are given a list of street, but the provided
street doesn't necessarily intersect with "Street1".
In some cases it can't find an intersection which I know has one but I
think this is more of a data issue.

5. Search via substring works for POI search but not for City search.
For example, with POI search, the word "Pablo" gives result like:

San Pablo
S. Pablo

In the city search, you only get results when the query string is in
the first word, like:
Pablo, Laguna

Overall, great work on the index!

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