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[mkgmap-dev] Building the splitter with Eclipse?

From Jeffrey Ollie jeff at ocjtech.us on Thu Feb 17 19:59:18 GMT 2011

Can anyone give me tips on building the splitter (the crosby
integration branch) with Eclipse?  Whenever I try I end up with a jar
file that can't find any of the dependencies on the classpath, even
though I specify all of the external jars with the '-classpath'
argument.  I had similar problems building from the command line with
ant until I modified the build.xml to copy all of the class files from
the external jars into the splitter.jar file.

I'm sure this is probably just a Java newbie thing... I only really
deal with Java for OSM so it's taking me a little while to get
accustomed to the tools.  I'd like to use Eclipse as an editor because
of the inline help that it can give you, as opposed to Emacs which is
my usual editor.

Jeff Ollie

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